Mahindra XUV 500

Mahindra XUV 500

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Mahindra XUV 500

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ARC introduces rear shock absorber for hoppin problem of Mahindra XUV500. Basically With OE shocks Xuv500 is unstable on speed breakers & turns due to un-even up & down movement (hopping movement). Due to this hopping it may tend to create uncertain loads on tyres and also braking system of XUV500. It is known company utilises vaccum systems to control the traction movement . Due ot uncertain up & down movemnt it always create sensing on the brake system by holding the brake system continously under stress creating fast wearing of tyres as well as brake pads. These movements are actually taken by ARC in slow motion videos & are kept for the Reference. These movements also develops unsafeness and irritating for driver further the rear passengers is also been gets kind of fatigue due to these movements creating a vomiting sensation. To overcome this problem ARC has designed & tuned a shock absorber which will control this up down movements resulting in a controlled ride with better braking & stability Handling. the same is shown in the video for your reference. Note:- No Modifications are required as the shocks are been fitted with the original coil springs without any single changes in OE fitment. for above we have also shown a video knowledge and reference. for more any queries regarding product please feel free to contact us on 09922099292 or 09422047019


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1 Reviews

Kashyap Rajpuro

I am interested in this suspension set and I am looking to improve the ride quality in my XUV. Please let meknow the options and prodcucts available and also the price.