Ford Endeavour (2004-2013)

Ford Endeavour (2004-2013)

Ford Endeavour (2004-2013) Image1Ford Endeavour (2004-2013) Image2

Ford Endeavour (2004-2013)

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Since 2004 ARC is offering a sedan car Coil suspension feel for FORD ENDEAVOUR without compromising on loading factor. Basically ENDEAVOUR has very bumpy ride with vibration level of around 1.1 Hz frequencies, this vibration can be reduced by 3 times up to 0.35 Hz by ARC leaf suspension. Unfortunately Due to hard & bumpy feel with steel leaf, most of the customers are selling this beautiful car loosing around 4 to 5 Lacs for brand new vehicles. ARC can offer 100% assured comfort & satisfaction without any single modification in the vehicle assuring minimum guarantee of 1 lac kms on paper. Today there are more than 2500 Satisfied Customers who are enjoying feel of AIR Suspension on their Ford Endeavours. With fitment of Arc suspension some of the Customers who are using Automatic Version had claimed that they are getting 5 to 10 % extra mileage. This is because of avoiding un-necessary braking has totally stopped due to smoother ride quality of ARC suspension. Some Customers have claimed for better tyre life of around 20% rise, frequent Alignment & Balancing has also reduced.


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2 Reviews


Hi guys I want this for my endeavour I am from chennai where shall i buy this and what is cost . Please and this question


I Have latest fotuner automatic.I need suspension smooth.what is your sugetion My mobile no:9940015259